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Andrew Howes


Andrew Howes is a passionate orchestrator, an activity he considers to be one of the main drivers of his compositional process, and loves to orchestrate interesting or unusual works for choirs, orchestras and chamber ensembles. His ability to absorb and understand instrumentation and musical form is highly practiced, however it is his ability to tailor musical material to specific performer capacity and connect on an intellectual and emotional level with audiences that makes his arrangements successful.

Andrew's Solo and Chamber Ensemble arrangements have been performed by musicians including Andrew Haveron, Simon Tedeschi, Kristian Winther, Umberto Clerici, Stefanie Farrands, Konstantin Shamray, Vatche Jambazian and Emily Granger. He has made several orchestrations for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, including two songs on their Aria Award winning Josh Pyke with the Sydney Symphony, and Steven Oliver's Faboriginal, which was performed at the 2023 World Pride Blak and Deadly Gala. In 2023, he was the tour orchestrator for Sydney Youth Orchestra's Big West tour, working with country singers Nancy Bates, Leroy Johnson and Aimee Volkovsky. You may most often hear his orchestrations in the television series Escape to the Country, and he has recently orchestrated Elena Kats-Chernin's score for Adam Elliot's second feature film, Memoir of a Snail.

If you would like to work with Andrew on an orchestration, arrangement or transcription project, please reach out via the contact page.

Recent Orchestrations and arrangements:
Memoir of a Snail - Score by Elena Kats-Chernin - orchestrated with the composer
The Australian Chamber Orchestra
Nuntherungie Nights - Leroy Johnson
Leroy Johnson, Benjamin Northey and the Sydney Youth Orchestra
Romanian Dances - Béla Bartók
Oliver Shermacher, Clarinet | Anna Da Silva Chen, Violin | Vatche Jambazian, Piano
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