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Andrew Howes Composer

Scenes from Australian Landscape

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Andrew Howes, Australian Composer

Andrew Howes


Andrew Howes is a Sydney-based composer with a profound fascination with creating music deriving its initial artistic intent form the ever present natural forces of the Australian Landscape. After the Clifton Parker Award afforded him the opportunity to study with Alison Kay and Simon Holt at the Royal College of Music, London, he moved to New York to complete his Master’s with Susan Botti at the Manhattan School of Music, where in 2017 he won the Manhattan Prize.


Andrew enjoys working with a wide range of ensembles and his works have been performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Queensland Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra Victoria, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Enigma & Kristian Winther Quartets, the Australian and Sydney Youth Orchestras, the Song Company, the Omega Ensemble and Moorambilla Voices, where he has been composer-in-residence six times.


Andrew has become an in demand arranger and orchestrator. During 2020-2022, he created several arrangements for the concert series Live at Yours, for performers including Vatche Jambazian, Emily Granger, Kristian Winther, Konstantin Shamray, Umberto Clerici, Stephanie Farrands, Andrew Haveron and Simon Tedeschi, and since 2011 has orchestrated several works for performance by the Sydney Symphony, including songs for Josh Pyke’s Live at the Sydney Opera House album, and several songs for the 2023 World Pride 'Blak & Deadly' Gala. He is also an arranger and copyist for several high-profile composers in Australia and the UK.

He is a passionate music educator, and outside of classroom and individual teaching, has performed key roles in the APRA AMCOS National Excellence - Education awarded Moorambilla Magic Modules, authored education kits for the Sydney Symphony, administered several competitions for young composers, and regularly delivers lectures for adults on the subject of Classical and new Australian music.


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