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Moorambilla 2016 | Andrew Howes


The concert approaches...

I'm sure my colleagues will agree, time flies! As some of you know, I have only just begun studying at the Manhattan School of Music, in New York. I've had one of each of my new

classes and I've got a few more next

week, but by next Thursday I'll be in

the air, on my way back to Australia.

There's not much more for me to

do, actually - I've orchestrated and

composed the full score. But I have

a few more things still to share,

before Moorambilla is done for 2016.

Download a pdf of the whole score

Ever wanted to hear 'Hands Of Red' as a 1990's video game soundtrack? No? Maybe listen anyway?

Listen to a reproduction of the complete piece:

I made this specifically for Jacob & Michelle, so some commentary might seem strange...


August camp is done!

And what a productive camp it was! Collectively, we put together over 25 minutes of brand-new music, taiko and dance. In a few short weeks, we'll come together once again, to add

some orchestral musicians, some

lighting, some awesome staging

and art, and then to show it off to

everyone. In the meantime, check

out the videos and rehearsal tracks

on this page


- and don't foget to practice!

By the way...

Do you like writing songs? Are you doing music for your HSC? If you ever have any questions, or would like another pair of eyes to look over your composition, please send it to me at

Learning aids
Hands of red (hold my hand)

Listen to The Song Company sing Mt Grenfell

N.B. This video is unlisted

Mt Grenfell (I'll be there)

You'll find me there

beneath the sky

where ancient feet once stood,

the sacred stone,

the hollow filled with life.

You'll find me there,

beneath the earth.

I'll be there.


The music so far...

Last year, I came to the August camp with a few lines (Banagaya - Run!) and a very basic tune. This meant that I needed to produce a new melody, and reworkings of the original idea, before each new day of rehearsal, and write some music for Jacob, too! This year, I'm bringing much more to day 1.


Version 1:

Version 2:

Listen to a piece I composed whilst on site at Mt Grenfell:

Lyrics extract:

Place your hand upon the wall.

Touch my hand from long ago.

Through the ancient stone

now I know that I am home.


Hear the air run through the trees.

Ears like mine heard sounds like these.

Hear the river near.

Here I am; I am here.


Heavy, ancient stones.

Under earth, the land’s old bones,

run through the undying land.

Hold my hand.


Raise your head up to the sky.

Let the starlight touch your eyes.

Dig your feet in reddened sand.

Let the stars flow through your hand.

'Rocks' Abstract:

Rocks are the deep earth. They go on and down for thousands of kilometres, encompassing millennia. And yet, it's their power that they withstand rain and wind and the breaking of earth, and remain for eons. If only we could witness that power. We see them, a part of the landscape, as solid, unmoving, eternal objects, but if you were to reduce 100,000 years into a minute, you would see the full truth: this, for all its dry and silent peace, is a place of intense natural violence. We can only observe a fraction, across our lifetimes, of the awesome power this land has. The rocks and stones of the earth, they've survived it.

Hear a sample of the rhythm, for the dance sections:

rhythm track #1 - Andrew Howes
rhythm track #2 - Andrew Howes
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